At the NRC we have a couple of options for paying your membership:

1) Online using our Credit Card facility - all done online in real time for all family members in the one go.

2) Direct Deposit into the NRC account - you calculate your fees, deposit these into the NRC account, then fill in the form and submit it online (you will need to submit one form per member you renew).

Club Membership Fees for 2017/2018 are as follows:
Senior (Over 18 at 1 July) $370
Student Full Time $210
Junior (Under 18 at 1 July) $210
Social (Non-Rowing) $25
Private Boat Rack Fees $135 per seat (i.e. $130 for a single and $260 for a double/pair)

There is an 'Early Bird Discount' for existing membership renewals: - Payments received before 31/07/17 get an Early Bird Discount of $20. i.e. Senior membership fee will be $350 and Student F/T & Junior member fees will be $190.

Just click on the button below to pay your desired way.