Learn to Row

Requirements - to participate in any on-water rowing activity you must be able to swim 100m in light clothing, be reasonably fit and close to the healthy weight range.

Rowing is an excellent low impact sport and a great cardiovascular workout. You can make some great friends along the way and once you have learnt how to row you can compete in regattas! Training is usually done early in the mornings - from around 6.00am or so.

Introduction to Rowing – Rookie course for ages 18 years and over

Rookie courses for adults are held twice a year, usually in February/March and August/September. Each Rookie course will be run 2 days a week over a 3 week period (a mid-weekday and a Sunday). Before you enroll in our rookie course you will need to 'try rowing' in our wavecutter boats - these are very stable boats and give you an idea of what rowing is about. You will be guided by one of our experienced coaches. It is essential that you do at least one wavecutter row before doing a rookie course. 

If you are interested in rowing please visit the boat shed on the last Saturday of the month at 7.30am to speak/meet with a member (you will see the rowers coming back from their training).  You will be asked to complete an 'Expressions of Interest' form and we will then contact you prior to the next available course. It is compulsory that you visit the shed and meet some of our rowers.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form to arrange a different day or time.

Junior Rowing Program

School Children aged between 14 and 18 interested in rowing please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE- we can arrange to meet you at the boat shed and explain rowing to you and see if you are keen to learn. You will have to check with your parents as they may need to bring you down to the shed early!


Rowing is good for you! 

Well you have probably already guessed that, but this great article from The Australian newspaper gives some more great insight on the benefits of rowing. CLICK HERE to download the PDF. 


A typical Sunday morning on Throsby Creek, Newcastle.