Membership Category Annual Membership Join after 1/11/19 Join after 1/3/20 Joining Fee Reactivation Fee
Senior $390 $260 $140 $25 $25
Student FT / Junior (U18) $220 $150 $80 $25 $25
Junior (U18) w/ Active Kids Discount $120 $50 n/a $25 $25
Social / Supporting Non Rowing $25 $25 $25 n/a n/a
Rack Fee for Private Boats $135 per seat $135 per seat $135 per seat n/a n/a
NOTE: The Joining Fee is not applicable to social or new members graduating from a club rookie program.

Rowing NSW *

Due to insurance purposes we require members to join Rowing NSW before they are eligible to become members of Newcastle Rowing Club. If you are not a member of Rowing NSW then you can click here to register as a Regional Competitor/Junior. If you do not wish to compete you should sign up as a recreational member.

At the NRC we have a couple of options for paying your membership:

1) Online using our Credit Card facility - all done online in real time for all family members in the one go.
2) Direct Deposit into the NRC account - you calculate your fees, deposit these into the NRC account, then fill in the form and submit it online (you will need to submit one form per member you renew).

Just click on the button below to pay your desired way.