Coaching Corner

Welcome to the Coaching Corner. Here we hope to provide resources for rowers who are interested in improving their fitness and competing. One such website which is terrific for training tips, articles and drills is the Rowing Related website. Just CLICK HERE to take a look. It is an excellent resource.

Safety Rules
Here are our safety rules, together with our training route showing details of how to move around the creek and harbour.  All members must be familiar with the safety rules and the training route.   Members are given a written test on the safety rules annually. Club members are being asked to do their safety test of a Saturday morning after rowing. View and download the Safety Rules here.

New Training Route
Club members please check and follow these new routes from the clubhouse to the harbour and back. Whilst work is ongoing up the south arm of the Hunter River please follow the diagram of the routes below.  Always row safely and be aware this is a working harbour and rowers have no right of way over other shipping.
New Training Route and Updated Safety Notice

Ergos are great for doing a session when the weather means that 'on-water rowing' is a bit dodgy. There is information on the wall near the ergos on warm ups before using the ergo, the correct method for using the ergos and some sample programs. There is an A4 laminated spiral bound booklet which has additional ideas for ergo sessions which is taken from the Concept 2 website.
Information on Ergo testing as a PDF (Updated) - CLICK HERE

Heart Rate
The heart rate calculator aims to help you work out what your heart rate should be during training. The heart rate calculator on this website will help you work out what your own target is, based on your age. Use that as a guide for how hard you should be training.
Download a Heart Rate Calculator Excel spreadsheet

The FISA website is an excellent resource for all your rowing needs including training and boat rigging specifications. To read more about these elements check out the FISA website HERE.

Sports Fitness Advisor
The Sports Fitness Advisor website has a very detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date guide on rowing training that is packed with practical training tips and advice. You can read it HERE on their website.

Injury, Aches and Pains
When training hard you are bound to come across a few 'aches and pains' during the process, or you may even experience a training injury. Please CLICK HERE to find a list of the most common rowing related issues and injuries and how best to treat them. This information is kindly supplied by the Sports Physical Therapy Institute, who are the official physiotherapists to the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team.

Anything else??
Always glad to get any feedback or ideas, so either email us using the contact form, catch us in the clubhouse or talk to any of the coaches or Committee members (mug shots on the wall at the shed).

Happy rowing!

Below is a video of a great set of Rowing drills to be used with Novices and Varsity level rowers (sweep oar). Rusty's Catch Drill: Focuses on catch timing from the release. Pick Drill: Timing through three phases of the recovery Reverse Pick Drill (outside arm): Focuses on acceleration through the three phases of the drive. Enjoy!